Saturday, March 1, 2014

03/01/2014 Mount Adams

Saturday  03/01/2014

Air Line / Mount Adams / Air Line / John Quincy Adams / Air Line / Gulfside Trail / Valley Way

-5 degrees at trail head, had to use snow shoes about a mile before hitting tree line, switched to micro spikes at junction with Air Line Cutoff, word of the day = wind! and lots of it around King Ravine...summit of Adams was relatively mild...great views all day

Airline - no snowshoes needed at lower elevations


Animal tracks all over the place

Rest on Airline

Rabbit freeway on Airline

Airline getting deeper - time for snowshoes

Airline before tree line

King Ravine - wind!

Mount Madison from Airline

Airline- wind blowing snow off ravine

King Ravine

Mount Madison

RMC hut across ravine

King Ravine

Airline- still using snowshoes for drifts

Airline- sun trying to poke through

Airline - looking back

Mount Madison - wind blowing snow


Junction with Airline Cutoff - time for microspikes

Airline - looking back at trek so far

Mount Madison with the hut



Airline - view of Madison and hut

Zoom on Madison - I see people!

Airline - looking back

Airline- Adams ahead



Airline - wind still going strong

Airline- Adams getting closer

Airline - looking back 

Getting closer!

Another peek at Madison

Summit ahead

Sun trying to get through cloud cover above Adams

The entire route back down Airline

Mount Adams 2 cairns away

Mount Adams- Washington in background

Mount Adams- Washington in background

Mount Adams- Jefferson in background

Mount Adams Summit -(Mount Madison) mild enough to hang out for a while!

Some zoom shots from Mount Adams summit

Some zoom shots from Mount Adams summit

Some zoom shots from Mount Adams summit

Some zoom shots from Mount Adams summit

Some zoom shots from Mount Adams summit

Summit photo

Mount Adams from John Quincy Adams

Mount Madison and Star Lake from John Quincy Adams

Back down Airline, Gulfside Trail cairns down below

Down Gulfside Trail to Madison Hut

Wind still whipping snow around

Sun still trying to break free

Madison Hut, big group heading down summit

Down to Valley Way

03/01/2014 Views from Air Line (Mount Madison / King Ravine)
03/01/2014 Views from Mount Adams Summit (Mount Madison/Washington/Jefferson)
03/01/2014 Views from John Quincy Adams Summit (Mount Madison/Adams)

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