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07/18/2014 Flume / Liberty / Lincoln / South Twin / Bond / Bondcliff

Friday / Saturday

July 18-19, 2014

Lincoln Woods Trail / Osseo Trail / Mount Flume / Franconia Ridge Trail / Mount Liberty / Franconia Ridge Trail / Little Haystack Mountain / Franconia Ridge Trail / Mount Lincoln / Franconia Ridge Trail / Bushwhack (Lincoln Slide) / Lincoln Brook Trail / Twin Brook Trail / Twinway / South Twin Mountain / Twinway / Bondcliff Trail / Mount Bond / Bondcliff Trail / Bondcliff / Bondcliff Trail / Lincoln Woods Trail

Lafayette in the clouds from Mount Flume - zoom

Lincoln / Lafayette / Garfield from Mount Flume

Liberty / Lincoln / Lafayette from Mount Flume

South Twin / Guyot / Bonds from Mount Flume
Lincoln / Garfield from Mount Liberty
Owls's Head with Twin Range in distance from Mount Liberty

Kinsmans / Cannon Balls from Little Haystack

Little Haystack and Lincoln ahead

Little Haystack and Lincoln

Pemi Wilderness below with Mount Carrigain in the distance

Looking back at Mount Liberty and Mount Flume

Twin Range and Bonds with Mount Washington center left

Lafayette / Garfield with Lincoln Slide 

Lincoln Slide heads into the Pemi Wilderness below
Top of the Lincoln Slide

Mount Lincoln from the slide

Owl's Head from the slide

Ridgeline to left gets further away

Looking back up the slide

Butterfly lands on the few flowers in the slide
Looking up the slide

Looking at the route down

Owl's Head with Mount Carrigain in distance from the slide

First sign of ground water running down the mountain

Looking down the slide

Looking up the route

Looking up to the left at ridgeline

Heading down the slide

Looking back up

Slide getting narrower, stream starting to develop to right

Owl's Head getting bigger

Conditions in the slide

Heading down

Bushwhack from the slide - some open woods

Crossing the stream headed for base of Owl's Head slide trail

Bushwhack - another section of nice open woods

End of bushwhack, Lincoln Brook Trail on other side of water
Home sweet home


Current landmark for start of "unofficial" Owl's Head Trail

Start of Owl's Head Trail

Lincoln Brook Trail blazed near 13 Falls Tentsite

Old marker on Lincoln Brook Trail

Snack time at 13 Falls water crossing
Twin Brook Trail
It's a steep 0.8 miles to the summit!

Route to Galehead Mountain

Refreshed and ready for the climb after snacks at the Hut

Garfield poking out 

Galehead from Twinway Trail - Garfield in distance

Garfield Mountain with the Galehead Hut below

Lincoln / Lafayette / Garfield in distance from South Twin

Heading back below treeline, Mount Carrigain center left

Twinway Trail - headed to the Bonds

Yesterday's route in the distance

Headed to Mount Guyot
Zoom of Mount Washington in the clouds

Mount Washington left

Franconia Ridge

Twinway Trail

Twinway Trail -  Mount Guyot

Twin Slides

Lincoln / Lafayette/ Garfield (far right)

Zoom of Lincoln Slide route from yesterday

Junction with Bondcliff Trail

Goodbye AT!

Bondcliff Trail - West Bond

Bondcliff Trail

Bondcliff Trail

Bondcliff Trail

Bondcliff Trail

Zoom of Mount Washington from Mount Bond

Zoom of Mount Carrigain from Mount Bond

Route to Bondcliff from Mount Bond

Zoom of Lincoln Slide from Mount Bond

Zoom of Mount Garfield from Mount Bond

Zoom of South Twin from Mount Bond
Bondcliff Trail

Bondcliff Trail - slides on West Bond

Bondcliff Trail

Bondcliff Trail

Bondcliff Trail

Bondcliff Trail

Bondcliff Trail - the "cliff"

Bondcliff Trail

Bondcliff Trail - Mount Washington from Bondcliff

Bondcliff Trail - Mount Bond looking back

Bondcliff Trail - Mount Carrigain from Bondcliff

Bondcliff Trail - another slide up West Bond from Hellgate Ravine

Yesterday's route from Bondcliff

West Bond and Mount Bond with the "cliff"

Bird chilling on the cliffs

West Bond - final shot above tree line

07/18/2014 Bushwhack near Owl's Head (Part I)

07/18/2014 Bushwhack near Owl's Head (Part II)

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