Sunday, June 29, 2014

06/28/2014 - 06/29/2014 Bondcliff / Bond / Zealand


June 28-29, 2014

Lincoln Woods Trail / Bondcliff Trail/ Zealand Trail / Zeacliff Trail / Ethan Pond Trail / Thoreau Falls Trail / Wilderness Trail / East Side Trail

The "Cliff" with West Bond and Bond

Lincoln / Lafayette / Garfield in background

Mount Carrigain

Mount Washington in the distance

Someone had a fire ring on Bondcliff within the past week

The "Cliff"

Fun on the cliff

Fun on the cliff

Fun on the cliff

Mount Bond summit - Mount Washington

Mount Bond summit

Mount Bond summit - Mount Carrigain

Mount Bond summit - looking back at route

Mount Bond summit - Franconia Ridge

Mount Bond summit - looking down into the Pemi Wilderness

Mount Bond summit - zoom in the Pemi Wilderness

Mount Bond summit - future bushwhack into the Pemi?

Bondcliff Trail - Mount Guyot

Bondcliff Trail - zoom on people on Mount Guyot

Mount Garfield poking out on right

Bondcliff Trail - Redrock Rsvine

Bondcliff Trail - Guyot getting closer

Mount Guyot - Panoramic - Garfield on right

Mount Guyot - Panoramic - Washington barely poking out on left

Zoom of Mount Washington from Guyot

Zoom of Mount Carrigain from Guyot

Next destination from Guyot

Zoom of Lincoln / Lafayette from Guyot

Zoom of Garfield from Guyot
Mount Zealand summit

Mount Washington from a clearing on Twinway

Twinway clearing

Junction of Zeacliff / Ethan Pond Trail ahead

Ethan Pond Trail (that wasn't there last week)

Ethan Pond Trail

Upstream from Thoreau Falls

Approaching Thoreau Falls drop off

Nature's refrigerator

Camp is good!

Rocking the sausages
Trail trash 

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